Accommodation and travel information

The pre-conference starts at 4pm on May 22nd and ends around 5:30 pm on May 23rd. Participants can fly back to Prague in the evening of May 23rd to attend other pre-conferences on May 24th.

Travel from Budapest to the main ICA conference in Prague:
Two low-cost carriers, Ryanair and Czech Airlines, operate regular short flights between Budapest and Prague. Rail connections are also available.

Recommended hotels
Please find below a list of recommended hotels suited to various budgets.

Iberostar Hotel (5 star)
Closest to CEU – 2 min walk

Starlight Suites Budapest (4 star)
Very close to CEU – 3 min walk

Budapest Marriott Hotel (5 star)

Hotel President (4 star)
Close to CEU (near the US embassy, about 6 min walk from CEU)

Hotel Central Basilica:
Very close to CEU (overlooks the Basilica, about 3 min walk from CEU)

Hotel Arcadia (4 star)!contacts/c1xzh

Hotel Regency (4 star)
3rd closest to CEU (it’s next to Arcadia) – about 8-10 min walk