Travel and local information

Travelling from the airport:

When traveling from the Airport to your hotel (situated in the central area of Budapest) you may take

  • the Airport Shuttle / Airport Minibus (orders can be made at the Airport Minibus Desk in the main lobby area at ‘Arrivals’), price for one-way ticket is 4900 HUF (17.5 EUR). For more information visit
  • the official Airport Taxi Service is FoTaxi (the order desk and taxis are available in the area in front of the Airport entrance), costs approx. 6900 HUF (22 EUR)

Local transportation:

** by TAXI: these are the most reliable taxi companies that we advise you to contact in case you need to travel by cab in Budapest:

CITY TAXI: (+36-1) 2-111-111

FOTAXI: (+36-1) 2-222-222

** by public means:

Official website of the Hungarian public transportation company with complete tram, bus and metro routes:

Info about public transportation tickets and passes:

Budapest Route Planner:

Travel from Budapest to the main ICA conference in Prague:
Two low-cost carriers, Ryanair and Czech Airlines, operate regular short flights between Budapest and Prague. Rail connections are also available.

The Hungarian currency is the Forint (HUF). You can check the current exchange rates at:

There are plenty of opportunities to change money in the city center, we suggest you try to avoid changing money at the airport as their rates are significantly worse than elsewhere.

Budapest weather forecast:

Please note that the weather in Budapest could get very warm or chilly this time of the year. Be prepared for warm weather and occasional rain!

General guides about Hungary and Budapest:

Budapest Portal:

Budapest Pocket Guide:

Culture and Entertainment:

** Museum information:

** The famous spas and baths of Budapest – a great way to relax:

·         Széchenyi Thermal Bath

1146 Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 11. (

Tel.: +36-1/363-3210

Open: Men’s and women’s thermal baths, swimming pool: daily 6am – 10pm

·         Rudas Thermal Bath

1013 Budapest, Döbrentei tér 9 (

Tel.: +36-1/356-1322

Open: Swimming pool: Mon. – Sun.: 6am – 10pm, every day of the week

Thermal bath: Mon. – Sun.: 8am – 10pm, every day of the week

Vapor bath section: Mon., Wed., Thur. – Fri.: 6am – 8pm – gentlemen, Tues.-6am – 8pm – ladies

·         Gellért Thermal Bath

1118 Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4 (

Tel.: +36-1/466-6166

Open: 6.00 am until 8.00pm on each day of the week.

Euro is not accepted in the baths.

Recommended hotels
Please find below a list of recommended hotels suited to various budgets.

Iberostar Hotel (5 star)
Closest to CEU – 2 min walk

Starlight Suites Budapest (4 star)
Very close to CEU – 3 min walk

Budapest Marriott Hotel (5 star)

Hotel President (4 star)
Close to CEU (near the US embassy, about 6 min walk from CEU)

Hotel Central Basilica:
Very close to CEU (overlooks the Basilica, about 3 min walk from CEU)

Hotel Arcadia (4 star)!contacts/c1xzh

Hotel Regency (4 star)
3rd closest to CEU (it’s next to Arcadia) – about 8-10 min walk